TR7 V8 Pharaoh Gold


Gold V8BCC 373W started life as a 2.0 Litre Canley vehicle (even though it has the Solihul badging).  I’d always wanted a TR7 as a child and was highly disappointed when they stopped production before I could drive!  However in 1989 when I was 20 my mum jokingly told me that a friend of a friend was selling his… Mistake on her part!  A short time later my Datsun 120Y was replaced!! Many happy miles of motoring followed.

Yes, the car isn’t ‘half’ the car I started with due to lots of changes and breakages over the years.  The first major renewal was a wing, front panel etc…young men and fast cars (or TR7s in the wet) don’t mix!!  After about 4 years of being my everyday car a gearbox breakage on the M6 made me decide to retire it to summer use.  The next major replacement was a new bottom end installed, as was the gearbox, by James Paddock when they had their garage in Saltney, Chester. I took many a journey there!

After about 14 years of ownership the bodywork was going in the usual places so repair panels were bought and all rusty bits removed, replaced with new metal and a quality re-spray done – not bare metal, I really couldn’t afford that but the results were fabulous and so far she has weathered well, with a lot of care and attention.

Since learning about TR8s I’d dreamed of that V8 rumble, so when an engine came up I jumped at it… This turned out to be a trial!! The rebuilt 3.9 Range Rover engine would lose its oil pressure shortly after firing up and the garage couldn’t discover why, so now, in far too deep, a P6 engine was known about so was duly acquired and installed.  After teething troubles with overheating and starting, this engine now sounds incredible! Smile factor 10!

Finally I replaced the carpets and most of the interior trim.  Seats had already been done and after 32 years of life the carpets and interior panels where threadbare and showing their age so I embarked on removing them…. Enter the next problem, a wet floor on the passenger side pointing at a failed heater matrix… Straightforward job becomes a big job…as often with TR7s!  The whole interior came out but this gave me the opportunity to remove the aftermarket dials installed in the centre console, and in a binnacle on top, by the previous owner.  A replacement dash was sourced on eBay, with a bit of help from Jim at the Drivers Club.  A new heater matrix and pipes were bought and I rebuilt the heater and then re-installed everything!  Great winter job!

I have over the years attended many shows, been area secretary of the TR Drivers club, had a run to Belgium and covered many thousands of happy miles.  Now I have a car that I can be REALLY proud of, one that I’ve always loved driving, and surely after very nearly quarter of a century, will never part with.

Owner:  Gareth Pierce

Colour: Pharaoh Gold

Former Owners: 2

Owned Since: 11th July 1989

Engine: Rover P6 3.5 V8

Holley Carb with Offenhauser manifold

Holley 14” Air Filter

Electronic ignition

Twin SS exhaust system

Oil Cooler

Electric Fan


Gearbox & Axle: Standard 5 speed box – 3.08:1 Axle



Lowered 200lb Springs

Spax adjustable rear dampers

Spax uprated front dampers

Poly bushes all round


Brakes: Uprated


Wheels & tyres: Factory Alloys with  Yokohama S707 Tyres


Trim: Beige tartan check