TR7 Triton Green (metallic)


Triumph TR7 RLY 420W1234023_10151895496734534_1759408933_n

Owner: Andy Stott

Colour: Triton (Green Metallic) HAG

Trim: Navy Check Fabric RAH

Built/Registered:TBA/ 26 May 1981


Former Keepers: 5

Owned Since: 14 April 2013.


RLY420W,Kermit, was my present to myself for my 50th.
Ever since stepping off the school bus opposite Parishes Leyland Dealership in Scarborough and seeing a Yellow TR7 revolving on a display plynth I have wanted one. Over the years other peoples opinions got in the way and stopped me owning one but I have now realised my dream.
Kermit was in great condition when I purchased him with only a few minor niggles,door lamps not working-which was just a wiring problem and incorrect mirrors.

Also the boot trim needed replacing/tidying up which I have done.

The hood was also tatty and I have replaced that myself also, with the helpfull advice of my late Uncle Harry who worked in the trim department of The Triumph at Canley.

Recently the car has been given a coat of paint, primarily because there were a few stone chips but the guy who was doing the paint felt a better result and colour match if the whole car was done.

I want to keep the car as original as I can but for the sake of a little bit of saftey I have added side repeaters to the front cruise lamps!   You cannot tell to look tho!

Kermit came to me with a set of standard factory 13″ alloys and also the standard steel wheels,both sets need a coat of paint !

Next on the list will be to finish the refurb of the hard top,remove the air horns and return to standard and to have the engine bay painted.